Accountable Marketing

Do-able, Spin Free Marketing for Accountants & Financial Advisers

Accountable Marketing: Do-able, Spin Free Marketing for Accountants & Financial Advisers delivers a practical 4-step approach to marketing for time poor and budget conscious accounting and financial advice professionals.

It is a how-to book offering worthwhile examples and case studies that outlines easy to implement, brand boosting and response generating marketing that is practical in an environment where time and budget are often limited, and where measurement and tangible outcomes are valued.

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Accountable Marketing

At last! A practical guide for effectively marketing professional services.

Scott Charlton – Business Coach, Author & Consultant

Our Advisers really love your enthusiasm and as a marketer by background, it's really pleasing to see how some basic principles enacted practically can deliver quick and meaningful results to the bottom line.

Joel Taylor, Managing Director – Fortnum Financial Advisers

What You'll Learn

Marketing is easier than you think
When you present the facts, without all that spin, there's no marketing or selling about it. Your clients buy your services because you solve their problem, realise an opportunity or create a convenience, which are all valued outcomes. This book shows you how your marketing is really more akin to customer-service than sales and how a genuine approach can effectively promote your services and expertise, which is ultimately what grows your practice.
Marketing doesn't need to steal your time
You know you need to market your accounting or financial advice practice, but who's got the time? You need to work on your business, and this book is all about time efficiency. It's about how you can identify your ideal clients, how you can choose topics that will engage them, and how you can brief someone else to create resources and a sustainable marketing program for you.
Marketing can be measured
It's been a long held sticking point, and this book provides a solution. You'll learn how you can implement a marketing program that won't cost the earth, but more importantly, that can be measured. Underpinned by email marketing, you'll find out how simple, well branded email messages can increase awareness of your services and specialisations. And, you'll know exactly who opened your emails and who sought to know more.

Book Overview

This book outlines a marketing methodology that has helped dozens of financial services professionals to stand out in a crowded market place to attract the sort of ideal clients that bring the more lucrative and professionally satisfying work that grows their businesses. But, there is no silver bullet. Just practical advice described simply in four sections. In fact, this book can easily be read in a night or on a flight. Marking it up with a highlighter pen is highly recommended!

Section One

All about your clients
All about your clients

While not-so-ideal clients waste your time and eat away your profit margins, ideal clients are motivated, never miss a payment and value your advice. In this section you'll learn how to identify your ideal clients, and the author will help you prove that you're a good fit for their needs.

Section Two

All about you
All about you

Of course, it's all well and good for you to know who your ideal clients are, but they need to know about you and your services too. In this section you'll discover how to convince your prospective clients that you're their ideal match through creating and implementing just five 'passive' marketing tools. Yes, that's right – 'passive' because, once set up, they'll continue promoting your practice and bringing in new business without you having to lift a finger.

Section Three

Make the connection
Make the connection

This is the 'active' stage. That is, once you've laid the foundations, you need a marketing rollout strategy that both retains your existing clients, because client life time value is important, and attracts new ones to boost your growth. Here you'll learn a simple, four-step marketing strategy that you can delegate if you choose to, so you can spend more time doing what you do best – helping your clients.

Section Four

Measure your marketing
Measure your marketing

While marketing does require a commitment of time and money on your part, you'll learn how marketing your practice can be a very worthwhile, even lucrative investment rather than just an expense. By measuring your marketing, you'll always be clear on your return on investment and, as you use your measurements to improve, you might even want to do more!

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About The Author

Wendy Bold
Wendy Bold

An experienced marketing manager and copywriter with over thirty years' experience, Wendy Bold is committed to innovative but manageable relationship marketing that is simple, effective and affordable. Working in her own consultancy for nearly twenty years, she regularly presents at conferences and workshops sharing her considerable knowledge.

With clients ranging from small and medium accounting and financial advice partnerships in regional areas, to significant CBD partnerships and a national financial services dealer group, Wendy has developed and refined a Do-Able Marketing model. Underpinned by a Do It For Me Marketing framework, Do-able Marketing is now being implemented in financial services offices across Australia.

Visit to find out more about the Do It For Me Marketing framework.


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